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History of the School of the Spirit.

In 2017 during the 21 Day Fast in the month of January during my time of Prayer and reflection I heard the Lord ask me to do something I was very reluctant to do. My dear wife had asked me many times to open a Bible School at Church. I just focused on the logistics and the mammoth administrative challenges and then shelved the idea. It was too much work. Well the Lord thrust the instruction in my Spirit. When I let my wife know she said well God has answered her prayer. Then I said to her Sharon there is one more thing, The Lord asked me to keep the School Free of any cost. As I said that my mind filled with a thousand questions of how can we do this with no costs? I was advised by well-meaning Businessmen to charge a minimal fee to offset just the costs of the School.

It’s during this time we are raising Funds to purchase the Building we currently occupy. The committee advised me against a free School, but to look at the School as a means to raise funds. I agreed with the counsel of all the well-meaning people.But the Word of the Lord to me remained firm and unflinching. I was constrained in my spirit. We then launched the School of the Spirit publicly [free of any costs] and the response was phenomenal. We then set up a service where we heard from the students that were traveling to the School of the Spirit from KwaMashu, Umlazi, Inanda, Bluff, Wentworth, Morning Side, Yellowwood Park, Chatsworth, Tongaat, Amanzimtoti, Phoenix, Red Hill, Kloof, just to mention a few.

The response was overwhelming; the gratitude of the Students helped me realize why God wanted this School free to His People. There are people that want to study Gods Word, for some it’s a dream to be part of the Bible School but they just could not afford to do so. Affordability was a challenge for the average home. Our Country’s students are fighting for free Tertiary Education. We are a Church; God has instructed me to keep the School of the Spirit Free for His People. God knows what He is doing, as a Pastor I am just following the Lord. 

Today SOTS has grown to be the Largest Independent Bible Training Institute in KZN.

The phenomenal growth resulted in the implementation of Day Classes during the week to accommodate the growing interest and student enrolments. It’s a pleasant joy to annually graduate the well deserving, faithful and committed Graduates who made the sacrifice to give their time to the Study of the Word. Both my wife and I feel like we have a New Family with the Student Body. God has connected us all, many are from different Churches, there are Pastors graduating annually and God has knit our hearts together and we celebrate with you Gods Work in your heart. 

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